Pursuit of Christ

When one in the marriage pursues happiness and the other pursues Christ, the eventual outcome is predictable. It’s only a mater of time until the gap between the two paths widens to the point that the one pursuing happiness will abandon or even betray the one pursuing Christ.

What then does the one pursuing Christ do?

When both pursue happiness the chances of staying together are decent, but the imminent meeting with the Father becomes problematic.

When both pursue Christ, the journey will be very difficult. Initially the sanctification issues, willingly entered into, are tough hurdles. If the couple is successful in that venture, persecution begins.

I understand now the admonition from Jesus to his scribe John to “overcome”.

The false reasoning that, a grace filled God has as His highest priority our happiness, is a magnificently placed lie. Reminds me of the garden. The one pursuing happiness will inevitably see the problem as the one pursuing Christ. They are “Hollier than thou”. They are not “fun loving”. They are rigid. They are “always right”. The blindness never allows the pursuer of happiness to see that it is they who are the problem. Then the imminent abandonment, first of Jesus, then the spouse. It always occurs in that order. Nothing the pursuer of Christ can do to change the outcome. God alone opens the eyes to see.

That would be my request before God.

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