Who will act next?

January 19, 2021

I can imagine God counseling us that we must stand up and vote for what is right.  A clear majority of the citizens of the United States did that.  We acted.  Forces opposed to God also acted, and successfully but fraudulently stole the election.

Who will act next?

Even though they were given numerous chances, the courts didn’t act.

Not enough of the Governors acted.

Some in Congress correctly acted, but they were ultimately defeated by the non-actors.

Mike Pence chose not to act.

Tomorrow, if the military doesn’t act, we would seem to be fresh out of remedies for the fraud.

Perhaps then, and only then, God will act?  If He does, I suspect that those who He acts against would rather have had someone else in the chain act, other than God.  His actions may well be terrifying to the lost.  Evidence that God is not dead at all … and He’s been watching the entire time.  Almost 2,000 years of virtual silence broken … in the twinkle of an eye.  When we see the buds on the trees, we know that summer is coming.

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