Harbinger XXI

Jonathan Cahn, (what an appropriate last name), has his second book out, The Harbinger ll.  Jonathan is a master at finding coincidences and passing them off as Harbingers and therefore pseudo prophetic events.  The old Monte Python skit of “she weighs less than a duck!  She must be a witch!”, is just as accurate and relevant and ridiculous.  I figured I could see Jonathan’s current bid, and raise him to see if he can stay in the hand.  Try this:

Bibi secretly gets permission from MBZ and MBS to campaign on rebuilding the temple.  He fails to get permission from Jordan.

Bibi is re-elected on 3/13/21 and announces the go ahead to re-build.

On Saturday 4/3/21, the attack occurs.

The US administration refuses to assist their ally.

The UAE, Saudi, and a rogue US military assist in putting down the attack.

Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia refuse to assist in the counterattack.

MBS stops MBZ from running over Jordan.

The US military performs a coup and re-installs Trump.

40 days after the attack = on 5/13/21, “Ascension day”, some get to go home.  God has spoken.

On 5/16/21, MBZ publicly “confirms” his agreement that Israel should be allowed to build the temple.

Start the clock.




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