End Time Materials

Some end time calculations for you to think about?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, King Artaxerxes Longimanus’ 20th year was 444 BC.

His decree to give materials to rebuild the defensive walls of Jerusalem occurred in the month of Nison. (Nehemiah 2:1)  If we assume that it went out on the first day of the month, as was evidently customary, that would be March 8.

Moving forward 69 sets of 7 years (483 years of 360 days) equal 173,880 days … which brings us to Sunday March 29, 33 AD.  The first Palm Sunday.  The arrival of the King … mounted on a donkey.

Moving forward to the “scheduled” Palm Sunday 2,000 years later … brings us to April 10, 2033.

If the return of Jesus occurs on 4/10/33, then I suspect that the first beast of Revelation, the one that is “coming up out of the sea”, will be killed by the two witnesses at the age of 68 years, 7 months, and 14 days.  He will be resurrected 3 days later.  Sound familiar?  He will be thrown into the Lake of fire at the age of 72 years, 2 months, and 14 days.

I also suspect that the second beast which will be “coming up out of the earth”, will be thrown into the Lake of fire at the age of 47 years, 8 months, and 25 days.

Now you’re wondering how I could possibly know these things?  I assure you that I’m not that smart, nor have I received any revelations or dreams.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, I simply did the research.  The same research that you can do with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  If this intrigues you … read on.

On to the end.

I can only imagine the folks from China and the American government arm of big tech who constantly monitor my site trying to figure this one out.  No doubt they’ll be encountering scarecrows and tin men and cowardly lions and flying monkeys and even witches!  But like Dorothy, in the end, they’ll realize that the solution to their dilemma was “right at their feet” the entire time.

However, if you desire the Father.  If you have returned home, as the prodigal did, then you can simply rely on the Holy Spirit to guide you.  No need to mess with witches and monkeys.

Perhaps you would consider offering your services to the Father during that last 7 prophetic years?

Progressive revelation

I think we misunderstand that concept? To be sure, God could have fully revealed His plan for humanity just after Adam ate. He could have done it while Jesus was here? That He chose neither of those routes fascinates me?

Since the last prophetic word from God to the Jewish nation was about 400 BC, it’s no wonder that by the time Jesus arrived, many things had been lost, misunderstood, and sometimes intentionally twisted. Jesus expanded the previous understanding with things like the sermon on the mount and the Olivette discourse. Those clarifications helped, but even his eleven were initially confused.

Until about 65 AD, the hint of a “catching up” of those who were known by God was very hard to have picked out of the data. Paul, somehow seems to know this portion of the plan, yet even Paul writes as though the return of Jesus was to be in his lifetime? John and Peter do as well.

Then God waits another 30 years and reveals to John the final details of the master plan and for the first time in human history, the picture can be seen clear enough to produce our first plausible eschatology. Why did God wait 60 years from Jesus’ time and 30 years after Paul and 25 years after the diaspora? Why not disclose the detail within the first 40 days after the resurrection? Wouldn’t that have been monumentally helpful as the eleven were trying to let the known world come to a full understanding of who God is and what He desires for His human race?

So now we have our rudimentary eschatological theories and yet we may have missed some of the doctrinal furthering that Revelation gives us? The concept of a “second death” first occurs in about 95 AD? Begs the theological question of “how is one made alive such that a second death can occur”? Might do us well to look at the beginning … so that the end makes sense? Why didn’t Adam die when he ate? Perhaps this issue has a tie at the midpoint where Jesus spars with Nicodemus about being “born again”?

Why did God wait until His messengers were forcibly driven out of the home base land to reveal this last set of keys? By 95, how quickly was the new data distributed? Other than the seven churches in western Turkey, who was able to know of it? How long did it take before it was widely known?

On the other hand, even if the prophetic portions of Revelation were quickly and widely known, imagine how hard it would have been to make sense of it? Today, we have technologies and geopolitical circumstances that throw off huge clues to understanding the end time. Until our time, anyone would have had a very difficult time putting the full picture together.

So why did God choose “progressive Revelation”? There has to be a reason? Was it important to remain a mystery until now? If so, why? Are Satanic forces reading “redacted” portions of this progressive revelation? How could those beyond brilliant beings not know what’s about to happen? How is it that they play right into Gods hand?

I’m grateful to God that I live at this time with these revelations and insights so readily possible. I hope to use those insights to God’s glory.

How can I help those who might be left behind after the rapture?

My name is …. well it doesn’t matter what my name is … but it might as well be Father McKenzie.  Writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear… no one comes near.  But you have come near.  If you found this by accident, whatever you do … don’t read any further.

To those reading this before the church has come out, God’s speed to you on your near-term journey.

Your forward thinking is admirable.  Your heart attitude is desirable.  God granted me the good fortune to have completed a study/search in eschatology (end times) that significantly sharpened my understanding of near future events.  If you haven’t already, I urge you to do the same.  The same Holy Spirit that directed me, will be directing you.  What you’re likely to find is an even better understanding of God’s astounding wisdom and power and grace and patience and mercy.  Notice I didn’t say you would find more “wrath” as some want to portray it.  Without a doubt, wrath will be unleashed, and the times of suffering will be far beyond my capacity to even view it.  But take a close look at who initiates the suffering?  Take a close look at the primary entity that the wrath is unleashed on?  The one that should have known better.  Mostly, you’ll come to have a clearer understanding of what is to shortly happen to His human creation that He treasures so much.

If you’ve come here in advance of the Rapture, I hope you did so to find out how you might help your loved ones who you suspect will be left behind.  I’m surprised God’s driven you here, but I’m glad for you … and for your loved ones.  If your loved ones are not churched, then you’re to be commended for thinking ahead on their behalf.  Most likely, they have no sense of what’s about to happen.  To them, life is business as usual.  Unfortunately, telling them the end is near may turn them off.  Hollywood made sure of that.  The best way I’ve found to draw people to Jesus is to give them the picture of who I was before Jesus, and who I’ve become after.  If Jesus can forgive and love me …    Not as much need to argue theology.  On the other hand, if they ask about end times issues, the Holy Spirit may be drawing them.  If you need help laying out a simple and accurate end timeline, connect with me.

If your loved ones are churched, then you’ve recognized what most haven’t.  You have unusual “insight”.  Perhaps God has a way for you to help your loved ones after the church comes out as well?  If you page down towards the bottom, you’ll see information I’ve written for the purpose of attempting to help the left behind peoples.  Unfortunately, that information may be ineffective for you to use with your loved ones prior to the rapture.  To this date, none of the churched individuals I’ve interacted with are making any positive moves.  That makes perfect sense though since they think they’re right … at least for now.  If you’re able to help your loved ones see their way out of their self-imposed blindness before the rapture, I’d surely be encouraged to know about it!

As you may have surmised, the pulling out of the church (even though it may be a very small number of individuals) is a brilliant and unexpected move of grace that God has provided to call acute attention to the self-deceived churched.  You may be in the same dilemma as me in recognizing that perhaps the only thing that will ultimately connect your loved one to being “known” by God is the rapture itself.  We know that myriads will come to Him during the seven years after the rapture.  Hopefully, your loved ones will be a part of that.

Lately, my focus has been shifting towards reaching the reached.  That seems to be task #1 post rapture.  John MacArthur has a teaching I highly recommend titled “Mass Defection” where, among other things, he mentions that he sees himself being called by God to “reach the reached”.  I think he has it.  I think for our time, that’s the primary task.

So much of North America is churched, but not “known” by God.  Even if our love for them fails to get them to see clearly, pre-rapture, God’s love ultimately can, even if it comes via the wake-up call of the rapture.  Once again, His grace in action.  Grace, always grace.

If you’re late to the party … and a church goer, you found this site for a vastly different reason, and you’re probably seeking an answer to the obvious question of “what did I do wrong”?  Indeed.  God never lost sight of you.  As far as I can tell, He’s been patiently waiting for you to finish coming to Him.  My understanding is that He has a magnificent assignment ahead for you.  Go after Him with all that you have.  To be sure … your focus is a lot sharper now!  You might want to page down a bit where you can read what may initially be distressing, but ultimately helpful in beginning to draw you fully to God.  If that information does end up being helpful to you, please consider passing it on to others.

If you’re not churched and you’re reading this after you found people missing, I hope you recognize that it was predictable and that what you’re about to read is therefore credible.  At least credible enough that it warrants you doing the work of finding out for yourself if it’s true or not?  I was told by a very wise man that “a message is true or false independent of the messenger”.  Please don’t simply trust what I write.  You must research and know this to be true or not for yourself.  You will never answer to me … just God.

The question then is, what do you do now?  You recognize that you’ve been left behind?  A few of you may quickly understand why and change (repent), but I suspect that the majority of you don’t inherently understand why?  So that you know, you weren’t left behind purely because of a sin issue.  Most posts that I read unfortunately assume that to be the case?  So, all you have to do, they say, is recite the sinner’s prayer, (and really mean it!), and you’ll be good to go with God.  So shallow?  They throw out the term “repent”.  They mean of your sins, you wicked sinner you!  Most of those writers will be left just like you and will be even more befuddled than you.  As far as I can tell, God’s version of repent is to stop running away from Him … and start running to Him.  While we should acknowledge that our sin is hampering us from running to Him, when we do go after God, when we earnestly want (desire) Him, we are repenting.  The sin issues get cleared up over time via the Holy Spirit empowering us to stop being slaves to sin and become servants of Christ.

Paul said that in Adam all died (spiritually) and in Christ all will be made alive (spiritually).  So, from God’s perspective, there never was a sin issue blocking us from Him.  As Paul said, Jesus removed it for “all”.  That being the case then, the issue is whether you “desire” God.  If you do, if you walk to Him just like a toddler walks for the first time into the waiting arms of their parent, then God receives you … just as you are.  Come as a child Jesus said.  You’re secure in His arms.

For some of you, it could be said that all the ingredients are there in your life but from God’s point of view, you’re only half baked.  The flower and egg and milk are all out on the counter, but not yet combined.  It’ll be a cake no doubt … but not yet.  The ingredients are properly mixed, but not in the oven yet.  The cake is in the oven, but not fully baked yet.  You may well have been “in process” but not yet done when God decided to pull all the fully baked cakes out of the oven and take them home to Himself.  Keep pursuing Him.  Most likely God has work to be completed in you before He considers you to be fully done like the folks He just took home.

For some of you, your picture of the character of God was skewed.  You made Him out to be what you wanted Him to be and failed to see His true character.  If you’re churched, there’s a good chance that 1,600 years of drifting made the simple message that Jesus proclaimed which was to follow Him, rather complex.  Instead of recognizing the simple message Jesus proclaimed, your denomination assembled and stacked up the “values” that differentiated it from other denominations and called that “totem pole” of values and traditions “god” … and then worshiped it.  In reality, all you were doing was worshiping your own values, not God.  For example, in north America, our picture of Jesus is that He’s a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, Republican.  Well He’s not, but that accurately describes us.  With this false totem, we’re effectively worshiping ourselves.  By the way, that analogy comes from Tony Campolo.

In the account written by Matthew, Jesus uses the phrases “I never knew you” and “I do not know you”.  Both are devastating in that the persons Jesus does not “know” clearly knew Him, and they expected to be known by Him?  How can that be?  Well, they were self-deceived.

Unfortunately, to this point, so are you.

Many of you know about Jesus.  Some of you know a lot “about” Jesus.  So how is it that the true church was removed and you were left behind?

Think of it this way, at one time I knew quite a bit about George W. Bush.  I watched his campaign speeches. I followed his policies.  I listened to all of his addresses.  I voted for him twice and attended a rally for him.  Imagine if I were to have been thrown out of my house with nowhere else to stay and was to show up at the front door of the white house when George was there and asked him if I could stay for a few days until I could get back on my feet?  He might well say, “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you”.  I could explain that I voted for him and gave money to his campaign and attended his rally and so on?  I know him … but I never put myself in a position for George to know me.

Some of you have done the same with God.  You read a lot about Him?  You attended church and gave money and sang in the choir, and served on the board, but you never gave yourself to Him … to be known by Him.  You pursued churchianity … not God.  Perhaps you gave yourself to a false picture of God.  Discover the true picture.  You have the opportunity to correct your mistake and pursue Him.  Do it with all that you have.

Many folks tolerate God, and in that sense say that they “want” Him.  God is a part of their life, but not the center.   Others “need” God … at least from time to time.  As far as I can tell, that’s not His intent.  He wants us to unabashedly come to Him.  To desire Him.  Open the door and ask Him in.  You know the scripture I’m referring to don’t you.  That section of scripture most likely describes your condition.  Read it all carefully.  Open the door.

Perhaps you can find yourself described on the pages below and gain some more specific insight into steps that you can take to learn how to move towards God.  God has seen fit to let me interact with a few different denominations so that I can at least plausibly comment on them.  There are so many more that I know virtually nothing about and would be utterly disqualified to comment on.  If you’re attending one of those denominations, all I can ask is that you look to God to guide you through this difficult time.  My guess is that God already knew your need and has supplied someone or some resource for you to find.  You must look for it.  If you’ve already asked to stay and you have input on a denomination not listed here, please contact me so that I can add your insights to the list.

If you’re reading this after a miraculous resurrection of some fella over in Israel, I hope you begin to search for the God who’s been pursuing you.  Jesus indicates that your mission is to “overcome”.  I wish you well.  Since your 30 day clock has expired, if you’re in Southern Europe, North Africa, or Israel, most likely you need to get to safety.  If you have friends that don’t speak English, please translate the important parts of this for them.  For you, the word is probably out by now as to where that safety actually is and how to get there.  Get there!  The folks there have been through a titanic struggle.  By now, they’re ready to receive you in the place that “God has prepared”.  Indeed, He has.  For over 300 years.  To those who can’t get out, or who choose to stay to serve others, I wish you well.  You the “Overcomers”.


Synagogue of Satan – You know who you are.  Just as Jesus said, He has made you come bow down at the feet of those who He loves, (those who formerly had little power who now have an open door that no one can shut).  Some of you may quickly repent.  Some of you may not.  To those who do quickly repent, I won’t tell your parishioners you visited this site.  That’s up to you.  I urge you to do all that you can to lead them to the true God this time.  To those who read this and decide to carry on in your blinding pride and resist repenting, prepare to hear the words “I don’t know you … left!”  Time is short.

Former Atheist – If you’re even asking …. that’s great!  Let me introduce you to Jesus.  If you desire Him, the picture below depicts is His response.  Pure unearned grace.  Open the door, He wants you.  You know people who are churched.  They were left behind because they were “playing church” rather than following Jesus wherever He leads.  Because the actual followers of Jesus are gone, those left are in the process of discarding the pride that blinded them.  Their vision is much clearer now.  Many of them will figure it out in short order and they will be a great guide for you to come to know this Jesus.  Seek them out first, the ones who readily admit their errors and who seem humbled.  They are there, in God’s will, to help you.  More than ever before, that will be their desire.


Agnostic – Well, now you can actually “know”.  Let me introduce you to Jesus.  You suspected all along, but your pride wouldn’t allow you to yield to searching out truth.  Your ostrich approach has failed you.  Head out of sand, eyes on the bible.  It contains the Truth you need.  Perhaps it would do you well to read the book of John first.  Get to know who this Jesus is.  Try Matthew next and focus on chapter 24 and 25 for what’s happening to you now.

Religious Jew – You had suspected that the crazy Christians were correct?  Now you know.  Jesus (Messiah) had in fact first come about 2,000 years ago and will be returning again shortly.  Perhaps now you’re sincerely looking for Him?  Find out about Him, what He was, and what He did in the past, as well as what He’ll do shortly.  He offers you a grace that to this point you’ve never experienced.  Move towards Him and He will guide you.

Ethnic Jew in Israel – Your world is about to change.  If you’re reading this before the temple is complete, you have a fighting chance.  Research who this Jesus is.  Learn all that you can.  Please review the new testament book of Matthew, paying special attention to chapters 24 and 25 and please take preemptive action.  I wish you well in your journey.  Overcome!

Presbyterian PCA – So the concept of “chosen” apparently has “issues”.  In the back of your mind, the question of “how can I know that I’m chosen” nagged at you.

Now it haunts you.

But it need not.  God desires you completely.  That has never changed.

Try Rom 5:18 and I Cor 15:22. Pay close attention to the word “all”.

I know, I know, Universal salvation.  Right?


Not an either-or proposition.  Jesus cleared the sin issue completely for all of us.  In that sense, none are reprobate … for that reason.  Those who reject God after receiving a full unearned pardon make themselves reprobate.  It appears that their names are “erased” (the concept coming from Rev 3:5) from the Lambs book of life.  Missed that one, didn’t you?

Once the (L) becomes a (U), pure reasoning says that TULIP becomes TCURP.  It all falls apart into the nonsense from whence it came.  I realize that’s hard to grapple with.  You held so tightly to that concept.  Now go after and hold onto the real God just as tightly.

As for Romans 9, recognize that there were two “nations” in Rebekah’s womb.  Yes, read the OT story to get the context of what Paul was telling the Roman Jews.  Do your homework.

Recognize an “idiom” when you read one.  One of the two “nations” in Rebekah’s womb, God favored “loved” Jacob – the Israelites, and one that He didn’t favor “hated” Esau – the Edomites.

Esau (the older) was never recorded as “serving” Jacob (the younger) but the Edomites (Esau’s descendants) were twice recorded as serving King David (the Israelites).  It’s about nations … not individuals.

God “hardened” Pharaoh’s heart?  Look up the Hebrew word we incorrectly translate “hardened”.  The word is “Chazaq”.  Look how the word is typically translated = “strengthened”.  Pharaoh was weak and wanted to let the Israelites go before God was done showing the world who He was with all 10 plagues.  So, God strengthened Pharaoh’s heart so that Pharaoh didn’t prematurely let them go.  Has nothing to do with individuals, has everything to do with God’s providence for nations and people groups.

You never researched these kinds of things because you wanted to believe that you were chosen, a king’s kid, special.  You were fooled by your own scriptural laziness and pride.  As long as the income was good, you had no reason to doubt what you were being told.  Just like the third soil that Jesus mentions, the deceit of riches choked out your walk.  You see now that the “wisdom” you thought you had, turned out to be foolishness.  Repent.  Realize that Jesus paid the ransom for all men on the cross.  You’re no more “chosen” than anyone else.  Try giving your heart to Jesus based on sheer gratitude and then follow Him.  Don’t just sit there in the warm, safe, dry, boat and make fun of Peter.  Never mind the storm.  Get out of the boat and walk to Jesus.  Focus on making your way to His outstretched arms.  Thanks to Dana Key for that prophetic example!

You frozen chosen are about to thaw.  I can’t believe I’m writing this, but it appears that God has a “plan” for you.  An amazing plan.  Here it is: couple that wonderful capacity that God designed in you called “emotion” with the amazing intellect you’ve already developed, so that you can accurately and “passionately” pursue Him.  Then tell others.  That’s the plan Stan.  I would also suggest a healthy portion of “humble” not usually characteristic of your denomination, but superimposed upon you by the rapture.  Use all the abundant resources that God has given you to get the message out.  “Overcome”!

Presbyterian PCUSA – Perhaps you got it wrong?  Please refer to the owner’s manual and begin to get it right.  This time, listen to God’s direction … rather than man’s.

Baptists – It’s actually about the interior … not the exterior.  You’ve suspected that before.  Now you know it to be true.  You fooled many …. but not God.  Yet He still takes you “as you are”.  Now, like the rest of us sinners, you can admit your “Condition” with no shame and take hold of His Son’s “Position” … at His Father’s right hand.  Give glory to God by serving His children all around you.  As you do, you’ll notice the sin issues diminishing.  Funny how that works?  From there, you can look forward to God’s finishing school of persecution.  Ask Peter.  He knew.  Few things harden steel as well as persecution.  The admonition from Jesus is to “overcome”.  It will be difficult but rewarding.  Trust Him to see you through to the end.  “Overcome”!

Charismatics – Well, it’s much more than a “feeling” or an “experience”.  Discontinue your mystical “performances” of claiming and babbling and flailing about and falling on the floor.  Stand up … and with a clear mind pursue the real God.  Follow His Son.  Shift your focus from self to other, and from temporal to eternal.  Take note that your trusted pastor is still here with you and may still be in denial.  Study the owner’s manual for yourself.  You can do it!  Our wonderful Holly Spirit will be your teacher of Truth and your guide.  You know Him well.  Don’t jettison your passion for Jesus.  Augment it with His truth.  Sing and pray with passion.  Study His word diligently.  Pursue His righteousness.  Serve, knowing that in so doing, you’re accomplishing His will.

I wonder what would happen if God crossed the wonderful passion of a Charismatic with the wonderful intellect of a Calvinist?  Perhaps that hybrid could break down the gates of hell and set the captives free?  “Overcome”!

Catholics – So the confessions, patron saints, and mumbo jumbo didn’t get it done?  Who’s the real “authority” now?  Here’s an idea, try Jesus!  Ask yourself why your priest is still here?  Like Dorothy, who had the answer to her dilemma literally right at her feet the entire time, you’ve had direct access … the entire time.  Take advantage of it!  No more straw men.  No more flying monkeys and witches.  Discard the endless papers and statements and church doctrine.  Stand on the new testament alone.  All you need is there.  By the way, Mary can’t help you, nor would she want to.  The task is far too big for her and she knows it.  Jesus alone is your hope.  “Overcome”!

Methodist – Perhaps there’s more to it than systems and rules and regulations and rituals?  God want’s you.  All of you.  Discard the man-made rules and go after Jesus.  So simple.

Church of Christ – Apparently, baptism wasn’t the final issue?  Nor was it for the thief on the cross next to Jesus. Try following Jesus.

Mormon – So you were duped by Mr. Smith.  That possibility was always in the back of your mind?  Go after the Truth.  Jesus alone.  Like the Baptists, you have an internal problem.  Never mind the external foolery.  Ask God to search your heart as David did.  “Overcome”!

Seventh Day Adventist – Well, I guess that the Saturday thing wasn’t so important after all?  Interesting how wealth can blind you?  Have a steak and look for the real Jesus who wants you every day of the week.  Internal not external.  “Overcome”!

Lutheran – Martin got you part of the way there … are you willing to go the rest of the way to Jesus?

To those who make change quickly, good for you.  What are you likely to run into?  Lies, denial, herd mentality.  God mentions that the deceit you’re likely to encounter will be so prevalent that even those who come to be known by Him (the elect) will be challenged.  This won’t be easy.  I suspect that the more you choose to work towards earning the highest possible rank in the Kingdom of Heaven, that of “servant”, the less difficulty you’ll have with the earthly and demonic deceit.  Serve one another … and thus Glorify God.


Since you’ve read this far, perhaps you’re ready to do some work for yourself?

Below is a link to download a short E-book titled “Those who have insight”. The book gives you information and a study strategy that can help you form your own thesis about end time events. There is no copywrite. There is no cost. But if you choose to download it, I have one request. Please consider that some of the conclusions that you’re likely to reach should probably be kept close to you and not widely disseminated. When you discover them, you’ll understand why.