End Time Materials

The Wilderness

For eight years I’ve known what Satan knew on:

July 29, 1775

April 12, 1861

October 24, 1929

December 7, 1941

September 11, 2001

and today.

America is the wilderness.  No other place on the planet could have worked.  Satin knew it.  Each event was organized by him and ultimately thwarted by God.  America is the critical chess piece that God and His adversary have wrangled over since its inception.

The Corona virus may have originated in China, but it was designed for America.  Not just to kill.   Not even to overwhelm our hospital system.  It was designed to confirm that America’s political, social, and religious systems are fully PC compliant.  The nose ring has been installed.  We can be led anywhere Satin wishes now.  Those who resist may well be imprisoned?

We should have kept the economy open and protected the vulnerable.  The length of the shutdown significantly undercut the ability to ramp up during the first three and a half years.  Makes the task all the more difficult.  What a mess.

But God.

My only hope now.

Perhaps that’s exactly as He intended?

Those who have insight

Some of you have wondered if God would allow you to stay behind at the rapture to minister to the left behind.  I don’t know if He will, but the request seems valuable none the less.  As you know, not much written about the topic.  Glad you found this one.  If you’ve come this far in your thinking, perhaps you’re wiling to go further?  If so, please leave me a message.  I’d like to communicate with you to find out if you’re ready to take your next step.  I have many more thoughts and “insights” to share with you if you’re serious.

Dan 12:3 and 10

God’s speed on your journey.

Progressive revelation

I think we misunderstand that concept? To be sure, God could have fully revealed His plan for humanity just after Adam ate. He could have done it while Jesus was here? That He chose neither of those routes fascinates me?

Since the last prophetic word from God to the Jewish nation was about 400 BC, it’s no wonder that by the time Jesus arrived, many things had been lost, misunderstood, and sometimes intentionally twisted. Jesus expanded the previous understanding with things like the sermon on the mount and the Olivette discourse. Those clarifications helped, but even his eleven were initially confused.

Until about 65 AD, the hint of a “catching up” of those who were known by God was very hard to have picked out of the data. Paul, somehow seems to know this portion of the plan, yet even Paul writes as though the return of Jesus was to be in his lifetime? John and Peter do as well.

Then God waits another 30 years and reveals to John the final details of the master plan and for the first time in human history, the picture can be seen clear enough to produce our first plausible eschatology. Why did God wait 60 years from Jesus’ time and 30 years after Paul and 25 years after the diaspora? Why not disclose the detail within the first 40 days after the resurrection? Wouldn’t that have been monumentally helpful as the eleven were trying to let the known world come to a full understanding of who God is and what He desires for His human race?

So now we have our rudimentary eschatological theories and yet we may have missed some of the doctrinal furthering that Revelation gives us? The concept of a “second death” first occurs in about 95 AD? Begs the theological question of “how is one made alive such that a second death can occur”? Might do us well to look at the beginning … so that the end makes sense? Why didn’t Adam die when he ate? Perhaps this issue has a tie at the midpoint where Jesus spars with Nicodemus about being “born again”?

Why did God wait until His messengers were forcibly driven out of the home base land to reveal this last set of keys? By 95, how quickly was the new data distributed? Other than the seven churches in western Turkey, who was able to know of it? How long did it take before it was widely known?

On the other hand, even if the prophetic portions of Revelation were quickly and widely known, imagine how hard it would have been to make sense of it? Today, we have technologies and geopolitical circumstances that throw off huge clues to understanding the end time. Until our time, anyone would have had a very difficult time putting the full picture together.

So why did God choose “progressive Revelation”? There has to be a reason? Was it important to remain a mystery until now? If so, why? Are Satanic forces reading “redacted” portions of this progressive revelation? How could those beyond brilliant beings not know what’s about to happen? How is it that they play right into Gods hand?

I’m grateful to God that I live at this time with these revelations and insights so readily possible. I hope to use those insights to God’s glory.

Half baked


It appears to me that God would prefer to fully bake all who He eventually receives. It seems our goal is not so much to accept or reject Him, but rather to come to know Him, desire Him, shed self, and put on His Son. This seems to be a process … not a momentary decision. The human experiment is evidently not a Simon says, mother may I, hocus pocus recital, but rather a proof type test of, which system will prevail: we, like Satan, govern ourselves – the evidence being amassed indicating that it fails, or we submit to God and His governance. This evidence gathering is apparently not being accomplished so much in “decisions” for Christ as it is in lives lived in an outpouring of biblical love. His received Grace overflowing to those around us. Eternal evidence.

It does seem plausible that if for whatever reason a life is artificially cut short, God will not reject the otherwise half-baked individual, the unborn and a child who dies or is killed at an early age. But when it comes to God removing only His loved ones all at one moment in time, I suspect that He will only take those who are fully baked. Those who still have either oven time and or cooling time, I suspect He will leave, not because they are lost, not because He loves them less, not because they are “not known by Him” but rather because He desires they complete their process before He eternally receives them into His presence.

The view is great

My dad taught me the game of chess when I was a young boy. I enjoyed it and played it marginally well. As a young man, the person who led me to Christ taught me three level chess. Far more challenging. I did poorly at that. My teacher was genius level and ended up working for NASA. He did well. The only way I could begin to compete with him was to look straight down through all three translucent levels and see what would have looked like a regular one level board.

I was reading that there are two types of mazes that one could try to find their way out of. One that if you take say your right hand and run it along the walls, you will eventually find the exit. But using that method with the other type of maze will effectively lead you in circles. The only hope for that type of maze is to be lifted up over the maze walls so as to take a peek at where the exit is, then go back down and try to make your way there.

I’ve been fortunate in learning about God such that from time to time, He seems to grant me a look down through the man-made series of chess boards and view more clearly His simplicity. Sometimes God lifts me just high enough out of the maze of human confusion to view the direction of His solutions.

I’m grateful to God for these great views, but I’m having a difficult time trying to explain what I see to those still viewing the multi-level Christendom boards from the side … or still stuck in the maze of denominationalism and can’t find their way to the real God. At this time, few are interested in what I’ve seen. The rapture will change that of course, but I wish more would explore now … before the distress occurs.

Interim progress report

I’ve recognized that the Rapture is yet another instrument of grace granted by a long-suffering God. Just as in school when we get an interim progress report that tells us objectively how we are doing and therefore allows us to adjust or redouble our effort or perhaps deal with reality, the rapture gives those who are at that moment in time not known by God a perfect “progress report”. All those who are self-deceived will get a wakeup call … rather than a sentence of Hell. Seven years to correct their thinking, their attitude and their disposition.

We serve a God of grace.

Do the math!

At any given moment in time, how many individuals are “known” by God?

My wife and I watched her 95 year old father, who was churched for 60, years finally be put in a position by God to focus on Him.  He had fallen and broken his hip and was discovered to be very short on oxygen.  For the next two years he was tied to a hose which kept him alive.  God used that time to slow him down and cause him to focus on a very near eternity future.  Her father finally came to understand who God really was. To comprehend God’s grace and His utter forgiveness. Her father for the first time in his life actually desired God … then he passed at 97.

If God had translated the church any time during the 60 years her father was churched but not a follower, he would have been left behind.  This concept helped me recognize how God uses time to bring all to Himself who will ultimately come. Not all of us come at the first call.

With that in mind, one night I unintentionally stumbled upon a mathematical possibility that rocked me. John reports to us that the 144,000 are God’s first fruits of His harvest. Fist fruits?  Where have I heard that before?  10% of a harvest of 1,440,000.  Oh no!  That can’t be?  Wow!

Quite frankly, I was devastated.

I apparently had overestimated the churches’ position of strength which in total blissful arrogance I thought would be at 1,000,000,000 members = 14% of the population of the earth.  Then after much difficulty and in great sorrow I succumbed to a 10% number = 700,000,000.  Then to a most recent “hopping” of at least .5% = 35,000,000. Blissfully high! Dear God?

It then occurred to me that we may have a “cycle” that I had never before noticed.

Consider this:

We start with individuals that we know were “known” by God, Adam and Eve and for a moment, they constituted 100% of the earth’s population.  As they have Cain, the % who are “known” by God lowers. The total number of individuals known by God may well have continued to numerically increase, but as a percent of the total population it “by mathematical definition” must have began an inevitable decrease.  AND, eventually it went to a statistical 0%.  Then came the flood.  Assuming a pre-flood population of 80,000, .01% (8 people) were known by God.  So that’s 1,656 years from 100% to a statistical 0%.

Then the math starts all over again, except this time the starting percent was not 100%. Ham was a plant.  Again, the total number of individuals known by God may well have continued to numerically increase, but as a percent of the total population it must have once again inevitable decreased.

Did God the Father send Jesus at the last minute before we again hit the zero line?

So, we have 2,344 more years (from the flood to Jesus) a statistical starting point of 87.5% (7 out of 8 persons) to yet another statistical 0%?  Assuming the same .01% of an estimated 300 million = 30,000 Jews?  Was it that high a total number known by God at that moment in history?  Marry, Joseph, Simeon and …

Then around 1,986 more years to a statistical .02% [1.44 million (10% of which = 144,000) divided by 7 billion].

To even get to the .02%, the Church must have grown! It must have had escape velocity. It had to be growing faster than the population growth rate!

I wonder?

1. Is 1.44 mill the all time momentary high water mark?

2. Have we ever had more than 1.44 million at any one moment in history who are   known by God?

3. If so, how rapid was the statistical decent?

4. Has the decent rate increased in my 57 years here on earth?

5. Is God translating the church on the decent?