True Worship

Imagine a high school football game where two very proud parents attend to watch both their seignior daughter cheer and their junior son #63, a starter on the football team. It’s seignior night and as mom and dad accompany their daughter on the field and to the microphone, the daughter exclaims that she wants to thank her folks for being so supportive and loving. And that tonight, she not only cheers for the team, but for her parents as well. The crowd has a collective sigh as the remark sinks in. The proud couple takes their seats as the game starts and are immediately honored by all around them. Comments of “wow, what a great daughter you have”! And “you two must have done something right”? “You must be proud”!

As the game proceeds, several times the announcer is heard to say #63 Smith on the tackle. From a couple rows behind the proud couple, a friend blurts out “your son is on it tonight”! The father turns to acknowledge the comment. A couple sitting next to the proud parents ask “oh, is that your son too”? Yes the dad replies. He’s a junior this year. The couple says “you must be proud of him too”? Yes the father says. He always looks after his big sister.

At half time the band takes the field and does a “tribute to parents” theme in which the cheerleaders do specific cheers set to music for their respective parents. The couple is filled with pride and humbled at their daughters acknowledging them. The couples around them are all mentioning how remarkable the daughter’s praise for her parents is. They all wish their daughters were like that!

The game ends with the home team wining and after the coach has a word with the boys, the team starts to head from the 50 yard line towards the locker room. The cheerleaders are still doing their cheers on the other side of the short chain link fence as the marching band is finishing their music on the field. Just at that moment a gun shot is heard right around the area of the cheerleaders? In panic, the crowd closest to the field bolts. The cheerleaders stand there in confusion unknowing of what’s going on … or what to do? Most of the football players race towards the safety of the locker room.

The proud parents stand in horror trying to see what’s going on, when they here another shot ring out! As they look towards where their daughter is, they see three full grown men in black hoods moving towards the cheerleaders and specifically their daughter. Yet another shot rings out fired in the air from the head intruder to clear the crowd. Two of the muggers attempt to grab their daughter but she eludes them temporarily, so they pick up one of the other girls who had dropped to the ground in abject fear. The proud parents are horrified. They’re up high in the stands and can’t possibly get down there quick enough to help.

Just then they see #63 in a full rage run coming back towards his sister. As he is confronted with the fence, he leaps over it with all he has, diving right at the mugger with the gun. As he tackles the thug, the other two muggers let the first girl go and come to his assistance, and pull #63 off. With that distraction, the remaining cheerleaders start running. So the muggers again go towards the proud parent’s daughter who is standing in hoarer watching her brother take on three full grown men. Their son, seeing that he is outnumbered then drops down on top of his sister to protect her. The other two muggers do all that they can to remove #63 from the girl, but #63 has a death grip on his sister and the mugger can’t pry him loose. The one with the gun walks up to the pile and demands that #63 move or he will be shot. He refuses and the mugger aims the gun directly at him and prepares to fire. Just at that moment a security Gard drops the mugger in his tracks with a single shot. The other two let go of #63 and the girl and get down on their knees with their hands in the air.

The proud parents are out of their minds! Confused? It all happened so fast! But it seems to be over? Thank God it’s over? What just happened? What were those men after? What was their son thinking! He could have been killed! Thoughts racing a million miles an hour as they race down the stand to their beloved children. All four fall on their knees, arm in arm, and thank God for His protection.

Which form of “worship” do you think the parents are most grateful for? The daughter’s overtures were magnificent, but the son, the son was willing to give his life for his sister. No higher form of worship available.

To sing, to dance, to perform skits are outstanding! No doubt God pokes Satin in the ribs each time one of His children performs this loving worship. But when one of Gods children offers their life for another, God crushes Satin.

No higher form of worship!

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