Tithes, Offerings, and Wolves

Since you pulled this site up, I hope that you’re sincerely interested in the topic? Even if you are predominantly “emotionally driven”, you must have a significant enough “thinking” side of you to actually get on the internet and “seek”. Good for you. You did the right thing.

I’m mindful that after you read this, you may pass it on to some who are not as interested and actually bothered by it. Possibly even enraged by it. This is written for them too. Go ahead and give it a try.

Some of your loved ones may not have the same level of intellectual pursuit as you. They may well prefer to continue to run exclusively on their “emotions”. I wish you well in trying to get them to engage.

As for you, are you just now hearing about tithing and wonder if what your hearing is true? Are you thinking that it sounds, well, off? Good for you. This should help you sort it out.

Are you on the other hand one who’s tried tithing and all of the other prescribed mumbo jumbo hocus pocus insanities? Perhaps you’ve tried several times, and you’re wondering, what am I doing wrong? Why isn’t this working? I hope to help you too.

If on the other hand your reading this to refute it, God help you. He’s your only hope. Seek His wisdom. Jesus seemed to indicate that those of us who seek would find. Apparently, those who refuse to seek … don’t find.

Funny how that works?

My wife and I started watching the religious TV channels years ago in part because we wanted to check out the heresies being perpetrated on the ignorant. We had many “neighbors” (Jesus’ term not mine), who were buying these heresies, hook, line, and sinker. We wanted to make sure we understood the heresies so that we could correct them for the ones we cared for. In our refutations, we always used well researched scripture, interpreted in proper hermeneutical context. Interestingly enough, for the first 13 years, not a single person we gave truth to welcomed it? Every single “neighbor” that God had sent our way, heard the truth from us, and rejected it … then rejected us. Some were rather dramatic and unfortunate partings. Heart breaking.

If you’re a parent or grandparent who’s had a child or grandchild reject the truths of God and then you, when you read the simple words “heart breaking” it means so much more to you. You’ve been there. You, more than most, understand.

Recently, we had our first two “neighbors” who actually gave us a fair hearing and have begun to make change and sort out the lies. I thank God for them. God bless them. They represent hope. Hope not only for them, but for me. Because of His grace, this crushed sinner has finally begun to learn how to sufficiently love someone in a manner that decisively points them to God … rather than away from God.

As we watched those religious channels we noticed the overt emotionalism and horrifying lack of critical thinking and true scriptural basis for their propositions. Someone has aptly described this as “lower brain stem theology”. Evidently, the portion of the brain most responsible for our “emotions” not our critical thinking. How appropriate! An exclusively emotional basis for the otherwise mandatory rational thinking (something not found in soil type 2), needed to fully repent and engage in true sanctification.

For the first few years we would use the programing as sort of a comedy show. These heretics were so wildly off and so salesman like as to be rather … well … entertaining! We thought few people would believe them? Because we didn’t initially see the incredible damage being done by these otherwise laughable, bigger than life characters, we came up with a name for them, “big hairs” after noticing Jan Crouse’s unbelievably large pink wig. That name has stuck to this day. You have our permission to use it as well.

We also took to giving some of the heretics nicknames. We named Jessy Duplantis “monkey man” based on his facial appearance (he has nothing on Marilyn Hickey) and his giddy high energy comedy show delivery. We named Steve Munsey “Arty Johnson” because he looked and acted identical to the Laugh in character we grew up with as kids. We named Creflo Dollar and his wife (I’ll let you guess what her first name is) “Taffy and Daffy” based on his ridiculous theological positions. Recently we had a younger more “with it” friend nail it even better by naming him “Cash flow Dollar”. We appropriately named John Hagee “fat boy”. In my 61 years of life, business, and ministry, I’ve learned the hard way that an obese man will always have at least two of three lusts that go completely uncontrolled. Their lust for food is obvious, but they will usually also yield to the additional lust(s) for women or power. Here, unfortunately, John chose all three. Lastly we named Rod Parsley “Rod the wad”. His grotesque rantings are utterly devoid of truth. Looking at it now, I would simply call all of them … wicked, lost, deceivers.

There are several other wolfs that we never did name. I’ll list them in alphabetical order so as not to show favor:

• Andrew Womack
• Benny Hin
• Beth Moore
• Bill Winston
• Clarence McClendon
• Ernest Angley
• Freddy Price
• Gregory Dickow
• Guillermo Maldonado
• James Robison
• Jenson Franklin
• Jimmy Evans
• Jimmy Swaggart
• Joel Osteen
• Joseph Prince (whose real name is Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh. Look it up!)
• Joyce Meyer
• Kenneth Copeland
• Kenneth Hagin
• Larry Hutch
• Marcus Lamb
• Marilyn Hickey
• Mike Murdock
• Paula White
• Pat Robertson
• Peter Popoff
• Richard Roberts
• Robert Morris
• Robert Schuler
• Robert Tilton
• Ron Carpenter
• Sid Roth
• Steven Furtick
• TD Jakes
• Todd Kuntz

• Todd White

There are many others but please don’t be offended if I forgot your name. I’m getting old and my memory is waning. Paul put it well to Timothy when he wrote “avoid such men as these”. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Initially, it was rather entertaining to watch them, but as time went on, we realized the incredible damage that these lost individuals were doing. People were believing them? Lots of people? Then, it wasn’t so entertaining. More like tragic.

These days, the heretic’s presentations are either overtly blunt, which plays well with either the desperate or the low IQ, ignorant of scripture listener (weak women weighed down with sin – Paul’s words not mine), or they’re very slick, playing to the self-righteous, wealthy, ears tickling, tithing, pew sitters.

I note that there appears to be three categories of these false teachers. The first and most obvious one is the glorified car salesman who figured out that pimping Christianity is an easy and economically rewarding business to be in. Learn a minimal amount of the lingo and rely on your charisma to charm the hearer out of their money. The saying “there’s a sucker born every minute” is right on for them. Nobody does this better than Mike Murdock. Excuse me, Doctor Mike Murdock. Mike’s figured out how to tap into exactly where the desperate and greedy want to go with almost no push at all. He is a master at it. For this group, I unfortunately have little hope of their eventual repentance. I do However keep in mind that with God “all things are possible”. I’m not the originator of that thought. Just in case you wondered?

The second is a person who may have started out on the right and proper track but fame, adoration, power, and riches, change their course.  In short, unchecked Pride.  Satan’s forces are exceedingly good at this. Use the young believer’s own momentum to throw him on his back and pin him to the ground (an old wrestling move known as a reversal). They have a God given sense that they’re off track, but like an alcoholic and a habitual sinner, they say to themselves “even if it’s true, I can quit whenever I want”. The term “quenching the Spirit” comes to mind here. The prime example is TD Jakes. Many years ago, he appeared to have been at a fork in the road position where if he had chosen to truly follow Jesus, he would have recognized God’s truths and been able to disseminate them. Today, he is little more than an entertainer who’s always good for an invigorating spiritual high. He produces spiritual junkies who rarely break their emotional addiction and are stuck coming back for more each week. It’s so unfortunate to watch. This group of deceivers is hard to decipher? Were they ever correct? As is said so many times, only God knows? But we should recognize that this group perhaps under the right God inflicted pressures may repent. That universal pressure will be here shortly. God I hope that TD and his on stage security detail repent and come to Jesus.

The third person is one who truly thinks that they are on the right track. Self-deceived. Beth Moore  is a poster child here. Robert Morris is perhaps another.  So sorry that Ravi (a brilliant man and a genius apologist) partnered with him? This kind of individual is usually a victim of their own numeric success. This is so unfortunate. These are understandably the hardest to decipher. They look so close to the real thing. The telltale trait is unfortunately pride. Even that is usually hidden in false humility. It’s not until push comes to shove that the real “do you know who I am!” comes out. As mild mannered and falsely humble as they appear, it’s only in depth scriptural research on their subtle twisting of scripture that can expose them. The other way to recognize the gap between their character and the character of Jesus is to contrast them with say Francis Chan, Franklin Graham, or Chuck Swindoll. Fortunately, I know of other Godly men who are not in the lime light. These men have modeled Jesus wonderfully as an example of true humility. For this third group of individuals, the coming God induced test will be rather distressing … to say the least? Killing that pride is difficult. To do it under conditions that demand an accelerated pace is really difficult. Dear God that they would start now before the time comes.

So now to the topic that caused you to click on this site, tithing.

I’ve noticed that in all three cases, the heretic’s use the tactic of “tithe” to part the ignorant, desperate, and greedy from their money, many times asking the poor to put it on a credit card and “trust God”. “Plant a seed” they say. God can’t do anything until you plant a seed – your tithe. Some even follow the word “tithe” with the words “and offerings”. From the preachers in the pulpits in North America telling us that the ushers will now collect your “tithes and offerings” to the big hairs on television telling us to send out our “tithe” our seed money to God … the illusion is on.

It’s wreaking havoc on so many individuals and families. The wolves are simply devouring the sheep. It’s distressing to watch? Yet I know the patience and power and protection and grace of God. Not a single sheep will ultimately be lost. He knows exactly where they are and what they need at all times. My goal is to dispense as large a portion as possible of the abundant God given grace, and the Truth of the Word to the sheep so that they come back to Him sooner rather than latter, less broken, rather than all but destroyed. I acknowledge that this may well not be God’s desire at this time. God, being infinitely wiser than me, may suffer their temporary (from His point of view) distress infinitely better than me. None the less I, like Paul in relative ignorance but sincere love, press on with all that I have, to offer Truth, and in that Truth, God’s healing.

So that these wolves know, God is about the business of preparing warriors who will, in God’s timing and on His command, step into the battle and defend the sheep. Soon. For now, God seems well pleased to allow these heretics virtually free reign. Satan must be pleased? In turning to the end of the book, I read that God gets the last say. His rope a dope strategy is brilliant. All in good time. But time is short. Repent while you can.

As a 14-year-old, I remember asking my mother “where did the money go that we put in the offering plate”. She said it went to Jesus.? Since I’d been told that Jesus was dead and in Heaven, I wondered how that could happen? Not long after that, I decided to discontinue attending “church”. In the same way, when these liars tell the mark to give the money to God … but use their address to send the check or their web site, how is it that these marks don’t realize that “God” never gets a penny? Some have taken to calling themselves “profits” or “the man of God” as if that legitimizes them taking in these millions. Some claim to have direct verbal instruction from God. Most of the big hairs claim “the anointing”, whatever that is? Sounds good? Some have shrewdly set up what appear to be charity types of “causes”. Starving children in Africa, poor people in Israel, or even Israel as an underdog in a neighborhood of bullies, are all used to play on the emotions (not the intellect) of the mark. Some are even using Covenantalism to invoke old testament admonitions to friends and enemies of ancient Israel to gather funds from the mark on the pretext of guilting the mark into showing that the mark is not anti-Semitic.

Fortunately, some wonderful people in Columbus Ohio taught me the difference between Covenantalism and Dispensationalism. Then they pointed out that the OT tithe was based on a “theocracy”. With a dispensational view, the OT laws and traditions are not directly transferred to the Church. That being the case, the “tithe” is no longer in force. Unfortunately, we have “government” that takes far more than 10%. As a young believer, I quickly understood these distinctions and the ramifications. A close reading of the book of Hebrews reveals the same.

Since the big hairs have more recently exploded with this fund raising scam of “tithe”, I decided to do some research. I used an electronic concordance (free software or app that you can use too) to look up every single time the word “tithe” or “tithes” is used in the entire bible. Interestingly, there are only two references in the NT and both of those are in a negative context. But let’s say that a Covenantalist has OT scripture that clearly says we should give 10% of our money to God and they now claim that concept has transferred to “giving it to the Church”? OK. What evidence did I find? Well, I hope your sitting down?

As many of you know, the “tithe” was to be given to the only tribe of Israel that did not have any “inheritance”, the Levites. The Levitical priesthood received the tithe from the other 11 tribes. And what was the tithe? What did it consist of? Was it dollars? Was it Pounds? Was it douche marks? Nope! It was food. Always it was food. Livestock and crops and olive oil and wine. The “first fruits” of each family’s harvest. The Levites were to take this “tenth” and then set aside a tenth of it to help feed the poor.

Now for you Baptists and Pentecostals and any other not mentioned legalists, you might want to cover one eye when you read this next fact. The only time the tithe was ever to be converted to money was the case where the distance to travel with the livestock or grain was too far. The person was to sell their “tithe”, convert it to money, and then they were to go to the prescribed place and buy a feast … for themselves … and celebrate God. In fact, the scripture mentions that they can spend it on wine or strong drink or whatever their heart desires and use it for the feast to worship God. Don’t believe me do you? Check out Deuteronomy 14:24-26. Go ahead. It’ll be good for you to get used to confirming things in the bible. I’ll wait.

After you come to and get the smelling saults out of your nostrils and stand back up, we can go on. It gets even better. Back to the other part of the lie, “and offerings”. OK? Well, could that be it? Did I miss it? Possibly the giving of monies to big hairs is found in the biblical admonition to give “offerings”? So again, I looked up every single biblical reference to “offering” or “offerings”. This time what I found was damning and convicting and exceedingly simple and blatantly true. Again, the “offering” in the OT is much as you would expect it to be, an animal or grain type sacrifice, apparently not given to the Levites but offered directly by the individual. Makes sense doesn’t it. So again the question is whether Covenantally the “offering” transferred to the NT church? Perhaps it was understood to morph from food to money? What I found resoundingly shot that down. Have you ever considered Paul’s argument in Romans 8?

1 Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. 3 For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh, 4 so that the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit.

Wow! Of Course! Jesus is the “offering”. Thousands of years of following the law, the rules, the traditions, so that when the ultimate “offering” arrived … the truth would be realized. The lesson would be learned. The “type” would be recognized. I suggest that if we want to give our “offerings” today, that they take a like kind approach modeled after Jesus who gave of Himself as the ultimate “offering” so that I could attain eternal life with His father. Wow!

Having conclusively proved to myself that the tithe was to be “food” given to the Levites and recognizing that nowhere in the NT are we implored to continue the practice, especially since the need for the Levites vanished when Jesus ascended to His Father, I assert that to covenantally try to bring that antiquated (read Hebrews) covenant forward in light of a superior new covenant would be at best foolish, and at worst used to deceive. Further, recognizing that Jesus was and is the ultimate “offering” that I am to mimic, I implore the readers of this information who brought this site up in a sincere desire to know the truth, to reject the big hairs when they state that you must give God (them) a tithe or offering of money to please Him, to get what you need, to get what you deserve, to get what you want. That is a lie.

It appears that God now wants you as a whole burnt offering. Sound familiar? I didn’t come up with that one either, Paul did. God wants, not 10%, but 100% of you. He purchased you on the cross. Redeemed is the biblical 25 cent word. His desire is for you. He apparently wishes for us to repent begin to put off the “old man” of sin and put on His Son and serve others exactly as His Son did. Again, not my idea. Paul wrote it first.

As for the big hairs, I say this, the time God gave Oral Roberts and Paul Crouse and Marcus Lamb to repent ran out. I desire that you other wolfs, deceivers, salesman, and egomaniacs act soon to do what Oral and Paul and Marcus failed to do … lest you have the same fate. Your pride needs to be crushed or it will play the lead role in sending you to Hell. The words “depart from Me, I never knew you” are unfortunately waiting for you. At this moment you deceivers think that you’re “great” because of your apparent success. Recognize that how you measure greatness is diametrically opposed to how God measures it.

I often ask church goers who they consider the “greatest” when it comes to politics or sports or business or the armed services. The answers I get are usually good; Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordan, Bill gates, and a four star general. Then I ask them according to the bible, who does God indicate will be the greatest in heaven? Again I get “interesting” answers. God! That is an undeniably good one, so when I press them “beyond God who is it”, I sometimes get answers like the angel Gabriel. Again a good answer, but when I press them again to what humans will be great, I get blank stares.

You may already know the answer? The greatest according to God is the “servant”. Sometimes the word “bond servant” is used … especially to describe the character and the actions of say … Jesus. Think of the title that God gave Job as God offers him to Satan for the ultimate human test of faith. Have you considered my “servant” Job? Makes sense now doesn’t it. Oh to God that these wolves would repent and become true servants in the likeness of the ultimate Servant who forgave me on the cross as I actively hated Him. “Father forgive him” Jesus said. A crushing blow that I have never recovered from. If I ever grow up, I want to become a servant like Jesus.

My hope is that not only you will read this, but that eventually someone will pass this on to these heretics listed above. Unfortunately, there are nut cases on the internet that think Billy Graham and John MacArthur are heretics. They may not be perfect men, but they aren’t heretics.  Satan’s forces can use both the wolves and the self-righteous nut cases to side track truth. That being the case, I see three possible reactions by the wolves to my data in this communication:

1. I’ve seen this before. Anyone like me in the public eye will inevitably have detractors. Therefore, I dismiss this detractor just like I did all the rest.

2. Who does this idiot think he is! Does he know who he’s messing with! Put security on him! Find out if he’s dangerous? Prepare to annihilate him publicly if this gets out!

3. Wow! ??? how does this kid know me so well? Is it possible that God is in this? Could this really be true?

As I wrote earlier, my desire, and I can only suspect that God’s desire, is for all of us to repent and return to Him. As Kyle Idleman has portrayed so well … we are to become followers of Jesus … not just fans. The people that initially trained me, that loved me, warned me that if I decided to follow Jesus it would cost me everything. Indeed. I understand. I choose to follow Jesus! My hope is that you do too? Reject these charlatans.

Follow Jesus!

I think it was Dana Key that remarked in a live concert that even though there was a raging storm, that unlike the others, Peter preferred to get out of the warm, safe, dry boat … and walk to Jesus. Indeed! God bless Peter. Wouldn’t you agree. Follow Jesus. Follow the One that lifted Peter up out of the crashing waves and set him as the leader of the Jerusalem Apostles. Follow Jesus. Go after Him with all that you have.

Don’t know how? OK. That’s fair. God has never been at a loss for men who accurately represent His character and the character of His Son. He has always and will always provide wonderful examples of how we can positively change into the image of His Son. Although there are many, you could start by Googling Francis Chan, Kyle Idleman, Chuck Swindoll, James Dobson, John MacArthur, Dennis McCallum, Gary DeLashmutt. Investigate who they are. Read their material. View their videos. Listen to their speeches and sermons.  They may not be perfect men, but they have significant insights into God’s mind and heart.

Concurrently, start reading the NT. Perhaps the gospel of John first, then on to Paul’s epistles like Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians. Then take a crack at Romans. And finally, when you’re real brave, read Hebrews. If you sincerely wish to know God’s truth, His Holy Spirit is ready willing and able to assist you as you read and study His word. He will help you understand His words. Jesus said that he would not leave us as orphans that He would give us the Holy Spirt as a helper. Indeed, He has. I wish you well in your new direction. God bless you. I’m glad you chose this site.

Perhaps God had an influence here?

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