Royalty in my house?

Hey Hank, stop walking so fast. Look over there. Isn’t that the carpenter we had come over and fix our broken chairs about 4 years ago?

Hard to tell Gladis? He looks pretty beat up.

I think that’s him Hank? Remember, he did such a good job of fixing our chair that we had him make that custom hutch. He did such a good job, inlaid wood and all. He knew so much a bout the different wood species. Youda thought he grew the trees himself. Oh, I hope that’s not him? He was such a kind young man, and so respectful. Why would the Romans execute him? What in the world could he have don to deserve this?

What’s the inscription over his head say Gladis?

It says that he’s “king of the Jews”. What does that mean?

Well imagine that Gladis? King of the Jews! You mean to tell me we had royalty in our house …. and didn’t know it! That can’t be our carpenter.

I’m telling ya Hank, that’s him!

Well Gladis, he may have been a good carpenter … but he seems to be a lousy King?

Well that’s true?

Whata we gonna do now if another chair needs fixing?

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