New Identity

Just watched the second Jumanji movie.  Fascinating how the main character, a self-professed nerd, is turned into a large muscular leader, Dr. Bravestone.  It was fun to watch … and imagine.

For years I’ve wished that God would have constructed me as tall as my father, six foot three.  At five foot nine, I favored my mother who’s just over five foot.  As a kid, we played all sports, but I was never good enough at any of them to make a high school varsity team.  On the intelligence scale, I barely get to just above average.  I work with several individuals who are genius level.  I can’t even begin to peddle fast enough to keep up with them.  Nothing I inherently am makes me important from the world’s point of view.  I’m not the best at anything nor will I ever be … in this life.

My hope is the Kingdom, where we’re told that the first will be last, and the last will be first.  More than ever, I’m clear that the highest possible rank in the kingdom is that of servant.  That’s my goal, both here and now, and in the kingdom.

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