Defeating Goliath

To me, a doubting Thomas, “faith” is what you’re left with when you run out of empirical and forensic evidence.  I try to calculate the costs of most things.  So I wondered, how did David know?  Reason and logic and science said that Goliath was undefeatable?  None of the professionals in the army thought otherwise?  Perhaps even the King had his doubts?  So how did David know?  Did God give David unusual “faith”?

Eleven men stayed behind in the safe, warm, dry boat.  How did Peter know?

Science tells us that there may be as many as two trillion galaxies.  My bible tells me that God created and sustains all of them.  Scientific conclusion – I serve an immensely powerful God.  No faith needed there.  Science and medicine and logic and reason tell me that I should “keep my distance”.  My Father indicates that the highest possible rank in His kingdom is that of “servant”.  Who wins that dilemma?

Depends on my “faith”?

How did David know?

It was the lion and the bear … the ones God allowed.

For many, this virus is their lion or bear.  For a few of us, it’s just another arrogant pagan who’s no match for our God, one that needs to be publicly defeated so that others will gain strength and join the battle.  Having run out of empirical and forensic evidence, my logic tells me that if I go and serve and contract the virus and perish, I win.  I get to go home.  If I serve and don’t contract the virus, God gets the glory.  I can’t lose.  Apparently, God snuck in “faith” when I wasn’t looking?  Imagine that?  An engineer with faith?  I thank God for the lion and the bear.  This goliath is no match for the God I serve.

David knew.

Many of us think we have faith.  We say that “with God all things are possible?”  But with this virus, as the rubber meets the road … do our actions betray us?  We’re told, indeed commanded, to keep our distance.  We’re told that it’s an “invisible enemy”.  Indeed.  So are the heavenly forces opposed to God.  Most have a “fear” of this virus.  My Presbyterian friends have a great catch Phrase that applies here.

But God.

The difference today is that unlike the Jews who wanted to defeat the Philistines, we’ve fully surrendered and are begging the enemy to just let us live in slavery.  If anyone stands up and defeats Goliath … few will follow.

With this virus, God sent an unanticipated pop quiz.  The vast majority were asleep at the wheel and failed it.  Soon, God will send the anticipated, indeed longed for, mid term report card.  We’re sure we have an A going.  We go to church, we pay our tithe (sometimes), we serve on the various committees.  We pray at most meals.  We vote republican!  However, the grade we’re about to receive is not a passing one. We will be left behind.  This is God’s grace in action.  The midterm report card gives us time to “improve” our grade to a passing one, one of “servant”.

Imagine the following interaction with Our Father:

Why are you here before your time?

I had an opportunity to serve one who had the virus.  I contracted it and suffer for a little while and died.

As did My Son.  He took on the virus of your sin debt, Suffered and died.

Well done My good and faithful servant.  Enter into My kingdom.

It’s time we shift focus from temporal to eternal.

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