Doctor … know it all?

I’m saddened by our Christian society’s propensity to refer to certain Christian high profile men as “doctor” so and so?  I wish we would come to our senses?

I think of Paul who had by far and away the best training in the scriptures that one could get.  He was advancing beyond his peers.  Yet he refers to himself as the “least” of the Apostles and “foremost” among sinners.  That seems appropriate to me.

When we place man made status on each other, we unfortunately reinforce a portion of our pride that would otherwise die with the old man as we put on Christ.  We have a false pride in thinking that we’re more knowledgeable in the scriptures or theology or doctrine.  Those may be means to the goal, but the goal is to know our Father, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit and in the knowing, become “known” by our Father.  Exactly as Paul said.

I suspect that few of the “doctors” in Christendom know our Father, and His Son, and the Holy Spirit the way persecuted people do.  The way unheralded servants do.  The way Paul did.

I for one would agree with Paul.  The only title I’ve ever earned is “wicked sinner”.  Saved by His merciful Son.  In spite of my rebellion.  The Son who I know loves me.  The Son who I will serve for eternity.

Perhaps someday I can earn the title of “servant”.

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