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The Cost of Service

What would you pay for the “right” to serve? Some church goers don’t even want to serve … let alone pay for it? Can you imagine extracting a “cost” from the few who do wish to serve? But why would anyone “pay” for the right to serve? Seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it. A few years ago, when our adult children had their second child and needed a night out, they called us to see if we could babysit the grandkids. We said sure! We’d be glad to. Our daughter said… Read more The Cost of Service

Tithes, Offerings, and Wolves

Since you pulled this site up, I hope that you’re sincerely interested in the topic? Even if you are predominantly “emotionally driven”, you must have a significant enough “thinking” side of you to actually get on the internet and “seek”. Good for you. You did the right thing. I’m mindful that after you read this, you may pass it on to some who are not as interested and actually bothered by it. Possibly even enraged by it. This is written for them too. Go ahead and give it a try.… Read more Tithes, Offerings, and Wolves

Some stupid human tricks

The story of my Christian experience I did some dumb things as a young Christian and I’d like to share them with you so that you don’t make the same mistakes. It’s the loving thing to do. I had heard other Christians talk about asking God for patience. That seemed real spiritual and I knew that I was an impatient person, so I asked God to give me patience too. To this day, He never has answered my prayer for patience. He did however give me three kids? I’m much… Read more Some stupid human tricks

True Worship

Imagine a high school football game where two very proud parents attend to watch both their seignior daughter cheer and their junior son #63, a starter on the football team. It’s seignior night and as mom and dad accompany their daughter on the field and to the microphone, the daughter exclaims that she wants to thank her folks for being so supportive and loving. And that tonight, she not only cheers for the team, but for her parents as well. The crowd has a collective sigh as the remark sinks… Read more True Worship

New Focus

It occurs to me that most of us have to grapple with a change in life style as we go from being in school to being in the work force. We have to make a change from constant learning to productive doing. The focus is remarkably different. In a similar way, all of us who know of God should begin to make adjustments in how we live in a world all but devoid of God, to an existence centered on God. What’s important to most today, primarily externals and temporals,… Read more New Focus

Spiritual Battle

There’s an old man that I desire for you to rescue from inside the enemy’s camp. This will be a 7 week mission.  Are you up to the task? I fear that I have not sufficiently prepared for a long term mission with a senior subject.  I was preparing for a much younger mission Lord? Perhaps you should expand your studies in the future? Indeed Lord, but I’m not confident that I can perform as you wish for this mission? Good.  You’ll be forced to rely on Me. Yes Lord.… Read more Spiritual Battle

What must I do to be saved

If you’re asking yourself “what must I do to be saved”, you’ve been fooled.  That’s unfortunately the wrong question.  What you’re actually asking is “how do I get out of spending eternity in hell”?  I don’t really want God … because I might lose autonomy … but I don’t want hell more! With that frame of mind, the answer is unfortunately, “there’s nothing you can do”. No amount of rules you can keep.  No amount of good deeds you can do.  No amount of money you can give. The right… Read more What must I do to be saved

Sharing the “gospel”

So, let me get this straight… According to you, there is this “God” who is somehow 3 persons …. but one God, and who you say created everything including supposedly me, but chooses not to reveal himself empirically (of course? Why would he do that?), and because He’s perfect …. and I’m not, that I have a “Sin” problem? And even if I had lived a perfect life I would have been screwed by what you call a “sin nature” from my father Adam?  That’s not my father’s name? And… Read more Sharing the “gospel”