Sharing the “gospel”

So, let me get this straight…

According to you, there is this “God” who is somehow 3 persons …. but one God, and who you say created everything including supposedly me, but chooses not to reveal himself empirically (of course? Why would he do that?), and because He’s perfect …. and I’m not, that I have a “Sin” problem? And even if I had lived a perfect life I would have been screwed by what you call a “sin nature” from my father Adam?  That’s not my father’s name?

And to fix the “sin problem” all I need to do is have something you call “faith” whatever that is, and ask this God who I can’t see or hear, to accept the forgiveness that God’s son AKA the Lamb of God, somehow “purchased” for me while He was dying a “substitutionary death” on a cross about 2,000 years ago in which His blood, evidently the blood of the lamb, somehow “covers” my sin?  Sounds sick!  And if I do that, I’ll somehow be “born again” and “healed” in that somehow His stripes (was He in prison?) will heal me?  Didn’t know I was sick?

Anyway … then somehow a 1/3 part of God called some sort of spirit or ghost or something, somehow comes to live “in me” and will somehow “guide me”. Sounds like the movie Alien!  But you also say that if I do all this that somehow, I’m in Jesus and Jesus is in me?  Multiple Aliens!  And oh by the way, Jesus is at the “right hand” of the father and therefore somehow, so am I?  And finally, that I’m supposed to “follow” this dude that died 2,000 years ago?

Sounds like a cult?  I think you’re out of your mind!

Perhaps during the last 2,000 years, you’ve lost something in the translation?

If only God just wanted me to want Him.  That I could do.


  1. People should come ot know there is Only One True God, Who is Only One and not two or three.

    When people would take the Bible and read it properly, wiling to listen to the words like they are written, undone from the human doctrines, the bible is very clear and has no contradictions, telling the world there is Only One True God Who no man can see, and Who as an eternal Spirit Being has no beginning (no birth), no end (no death), no flesh, bones or blood.


      • There is a website created against the adversaries of those who love the Only One God. It could be interesting to join forces and to let your site be known to others over-there as well to become a co-author to that site and/or to one of my religious sites, like From Guestwriters or the more particular Stepping Toes.

        How more articles people are able to find, the better and giving more people the opportunity to come to see the truth and to free them from those chaining institutions.


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