What must I do to be saved

If you’re asking yourself “what must I do to be saved”, you’ve been fooled.  That’s unfortunately the wrong question.  What you’re actually asking is “how do I get out of spending eternity in hell”?  I don’t really want God … because I might lose autonomy … but I don’t want hell more!

With that frame of mind, the answer is unfortunately, “there’s nothing you can do”.
No amount of rules you can keep.  No amount of good deeds you can do.  No amount of money you can give.

The right question is “how do I spend eternity with God”.  As in, because I want to!  The obvious answer is to “know Him”, but that’s not correct either.  Many will “know Him” and He will reply “I never knew you. Depart from Me.”  So how do we become “known” by Him?  Well, the answer is stupidly simple.  So simple, that that some have described it as “child like”.  High minded professional theologians probably hate this kind of simple answer.

Come to Me.  Come as a child Jesus said.  Desire Me.  Everything else has already been done. The way is cleared. Sin no longer separates us from Him.  Remember the words “It is finished”?

Desire Him.

Just as a young parent anticipating their child’s first real steps holds their arms out, motions with their hands, and says “come to me”, so God says so simply to those of us toddling towards Him, “come to me.  You’ll be safe in my arms”.  Indeed we will.  To be sure, we have to learn who He is first.  There are many false gods these days.  But it appears that if we desire (there’s that word again) to know the true God, the Holy Spirit guides us to that knowledge.  It may well be a process.

Let me suggest that you consider starting soon.
God’s speed on your journey.

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