Spiritual Battle

There’s an old man that I desire for you to rescue from inside the enemy’s camp. This will be a 7 week mission.  Are you up to the task?

I fear that I have not sufficiently prepared for a long term mission with a senior subject.  I was preparing for a much younger mission Lord?

Perhaps you should expand your studies in the future?

Indeed Lord, but I’m not confident that I can perform as you wish for this mission?

Good.  You’ll be forced to rely on Me.

Yes Lord.

Do you have your weapon?

Yes Lord.

I see that it’s well worn and tattered.  Well done.  You should Lock N Load with the over 70 clip.

The dignity clip?

Indeed.  Every third shot is one of dignity as my servant Paul wrote to his son Timothy. You will find the old man broken down and sitting in a recliner.  During the past 95 years the old man built a shroud of pride to protect himself.  On my command you are to take advantage of this high ground vantage point and fire two shots directly at the old man’s head.  The first shot will crack the shroud. The second shot will shatter it but will not harm the old man. Then you will wait for my command to fire the third shot.

Yes Lord.

On my command, take careful aim and fire the third shot right at his heart.  Immediately after that shot, the old man will recognize for the first time that he is all alone …. and naked.  The HS will cloth the old man with my Son.  Once clothed, the old man will want to stand, and stand he will, because I will make him stand.  When he stands you are to run to his rescue.  The HS will lay down sufficient cover fire.  Tell the old man to bring nothing.  I neither need nor do I want his money.  I do not need him to attend any meetings.  I do not need him to do any works.  My Son completed all that the old man needs.  All I want is the old man …. as is.  You are to escort him from his prison in the enemy’s camp directly to Me.  The old man is on oxygen and his heart and lungs are frail. He will only be able to take 30 steps before he will need to rest and catch his breath. When he rests, patiently wait with the old man.  Don’t move to the right or the left.  You will hear bullets whizzing past your ears and mortars exploding all around you.  Stand perfectly still and I will protect you.  The old man will struggle with his new identity and some times appear disoriented and begin to stray off course.  Correct his path towards me with great care and humility.  There will be others along the way who will mean well, but are not executing My will for the old man.  Dispense truth to each one of them and keep moving.  Any questions?

No Lord.

Very well.  Prepare yourself now.  Trust in My Son!

On My command.


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