God is not dead?

I’m thinking about the movement revolving around the God is not dead movies? I don’t know why we have a need to indicate that God is evidently still alive? Seems to me that if God was alive at one time, and created all things, and then died, we’d be in a world of hurt? Seems to me, the issue is whether there’s a God at all? I guess the bad news for some is that if there is a God … they’re not!

I’ve observed that church going individuals champion the movement partly to counteract the nonsense they see on our campuses and in most of our media. I surely understand their frustration that their view on life has been ridiculed. The movies and the movement allow them to cheer for what they perceive as the “truth” about their “religion”. From their point of view, making a plausible argument that God does exist is a good thing.

But it occurred to me that from God’s point of view, most of us making the argument don’t live substantially different than those who make the opposite argument? We certainly intellectually accent to the concept that God exists, but I’m afraid that we tend to live our self-focused lives as though He’s asleep? Perhaps in some sense, God is dead? Oh, we clean up well on Sunday and all, but isn’t it true that most of our lives would be indistinguishable to the Angels watching this whole thing go down as measured against those who hate God? Our overt materialism and our poorly hidden hypocrisies show our true nature. On a scale of 1-100 the “God is dead” folks may well be at a -0-, but are we very far past 10? Really? We play “church” just like I use to play war as a kid. Fake guns and arbitrary rules that change as needed. Arguing about whether I shot one of my playmates before he shot me. It was silly then. It’s tragic now?

It’s been about 2,000 years since humanity’s seen any Sid Roth supernatural stuff, so I can understand that today, God’s more of a “concept” than a personal being. Thanks be to God that He soon will rectify that incorrect perception. When those who are known by Him go home all at one time, those of us who remain will finally be confronted with our mediocrity. What a difficult reality check that will be. I read ahead in the book to the last few pages and discovered that many will come to Him because of that distress. Thank God! I wish we would have done it earlier rather than later, but His love of us, His pursuit of us is strong … even in a time of distress such as the one that’s on the way.

Soon we can drop the intellectual debate over the issue of God being dead or alive. Empirical evidence of Him being “living and active” is just around the corner.

His grace is astounding!

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