I live like a King!

Get this. A few days ago, I actually had not one, not two, but three full meals! I know. I know. That’s impossible! Who gets to do that! Oh, and it gets better. Not only did I get three full meals, I got to choose anything I wanted to eat for each meal! Anything at all. And you’d think once I chose what I wanted, it would be rationed right? Nope! No limit on the amount! Can you imagine?

I told you. I live like a king.

As if that wasn’t the end of the earth, I went over to this metal looking thing with a spout and turned a handle at its base and believe it or not, water magically came running out the spout! Seriously. No pumping. No hauling. I know this sounds incredible, but when I turned the other handle, hot water came running out. Just like that! Can you believe it! Hot water! I didn’t heat any of it. It was already hot?

I told you. I live like a king.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any better, my friend took me over to a metal box about the size of a coffin. Only, it was standing up and had doors on the front. He told me to open it up and grab us a couple cold ones? So, I opened the door and inside it was very cold, and there were containers of cool liquid ready to drink. Bet Solman in all his glory never had one of these babies!

I told you. I live like a king.

Yesterday, I actually traveled 900 miles from where I was in the snow, to a place with a sandy beach and an ocean. But it didn’t take three weeks. I did it in two hours! Can you believe it! I’m as mobile as the wind!

I live better than any king ever did in the bible.

Even though I’m sure it’s undeserved, it looks like God’s blessed me?

Last night I asked Him what I could do to thank Him?

He said the best thing I could do is to learn to live like a servant.

What an odd request for a man who lives like a king?

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