Supernatural surprise!

Adam witnessed his Father supernaturally create Eve.  But over time, that power of our Father to intervene was questioned.  And men discounted God.  The result was that the whole world then witnessed our Father’s supernatural ability to intervene as the aquifers gave up their water and the rain came and the entire planet was covered in water.

But again over time the significance of the Father faded.  So He again intervened for all to see by supernaturally confounding language.

But over time His power and majesty faded again such that Kings thought that they were all that.  So God supernaturally sent a few plagues and parted a sea.  He displayed His presence and His power for the known world to witness.

And again over time people ignored Him.  So He sent His Son who supernaturally broke several natural laws of healing and gravity and raised three from the dead.  But to make sure the message stayed local and not go global, we killed Him.  We “canceled” Him.

Eat your heart out Twitter.

But from that time about 2,000 years ago, our Father has been relatively quiet with the supernatural stuff.  Sort of letting us have just enough rope to hang ourselves?  I wonder what our Father might do to regain the attention of the known world?  What event might He orchestrate that would get our attention again?

I’m terrible at remembering anything, but especially names.  It’s so frustrating!  So I sometimes try to remember a person’s name by starting at the beginning of the alphabet and thinking of the common names that start with that letter.  About half the time I remember the person’s name before I get to “Z”.

If I do the same with what our Father might do to supernaturally get the world’s attention, I stop on the letter “R” and it all comes clear.

Brilliant move on His part!

At that point the world will no longer be able to debate whether there is a God.  They will know that there is a God … and He just left them behind.

Verifiable supernatural event!

Eat your heart out Sid Roth.

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