Be good

Thank God for Doctor Luke!

The only one to record the words of Jesus in what we know as the story of the prodigal son.  Actually … two sons.  Lk 15:11

Why was Dr. Luke the only one to get the scoop?

Perhaps God wanted us to work hard to find it?  Work hard to see it as relevant?  Work hard to see it like a child would?

Imagine if the story was that the son put down the pig slop and decided to “be good” … from there on out!

Isn’t that what most preachers tell their parishioners?

We’re told that society is decaying “like never before” (Noah and Lot would likely disagree) and we must fight to return to “traditional values” (whatever that is), to normalcy … to civility … to holiness!

Few mention first returning to the Father … as a hired slave.

I have bad news for the “be gooders”.  Being good won’t do them any good … unless they first return to the Father … as a hired slave.

Upon returning, should the Father, in exceptional grace, decide to “get the best robe” and a ring for the hand, and sandals for the feet, and the fatted calf for a celebration meal, then and only then can we BEGIN to actually  “be good”.  Via the ridiculous, utterly unearned, undeserved grace of our Father.

It is His exceptional grace that helps us put off the old man of death … and put on His Son.  Then can we BEGIN to be good.

To Him be ALL the glory.  All He ever wanted was for us to come Home.

My son was dead and has come to life again.

My son was lost and has been found.

No mention of an accounting of where the money went.

No mention of repaying the debt.

No mention of penance.

My son is home!

Childlike simple.

I suspect that this will be the primary message “preached”, if you will, to the left behind churched … the “other son”.

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