sheep and GOAT

I was thinking about the passage in Matthew 25 where Jesus describes a so called sheep and goat judgement?  I suspect that it will occur about 45 days after He returns.  Also in Matthew 25, and relative to that judgement, Jesus tells us the parable of the ten virgins.  My concern is that the parable has a tragic conclusion for half of them in that when they are finally prepared to come in to the wedding feast, the door was shut and as they call out to be let in, Jesus responds with the words I don’t know you?

It appears to me that His words at the end of the sermon on the mount as recorded in Matthew 7 have a similar tragic conclusion in that on that day (I suspect the day of the sheep and goat judgement) many will say to Jesus Lord, Lord as they desire to enter the kingdom of heaven with Him.  And He will likewise say to them, I never knew you?

In both cases we seem to have individuals who sincerely think that they are “worthy”.  Perhaps not the greatest of all time … but worthy.

Not wicked sinners.

Not God haters.

Self deceived.

How can that be?

Perhaps our focus is off?  Perhaps we have done the very thing our Father warned us not to do?

Create false idols?

To be sure, Tom Brady is one of the best at what he does.  The GOAT.  Greatest of all time.  But time is not yet complete?  What if another comes along and does even better than Tom?  What if someone already did in the distant past … but we have no video record of His work?

If we think about who is the GOAT from the beginning of time to our day … who comes to mind?

Unlike Tom who holds up a perishable trophy, this man holds up the one who assisted in murdering Him.

That could have been me that Jesus is holding up.

I see Him as the Greatest Of All Time.  In fact, we are told that, at His name, every knee will bow.


Many of us who are “churched” see Tom as the GOAT.  Our focus is of course on the temporal.

I suspect that Jesus wishes for us to begin to focus more and more on the eternal.

To be sure, Tom is a great candidate to be the GOAT.  My hope is that when the time comes, Tom himself will have “refocused” on the eternal such that he is not a goat at all … but rather he has become a sheep.

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