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End Time

The Land Owner

Jesus asked his twelve, what will he (the landowner) do to those vine-growers? They had beaten, murdered, and stoned the servants of the landowner … then they murdered his son. The disciples responded correctly: He will bring those wretches to a wretched end… But that’s not what the landowner did? The Land Owner watched from afar and observed His Son hanging on an instrument of maximum torture, near death.  Then the Land Owner heard His Son gather a breath … and ask His Father to forgive the murderers. The Land… Read more The Land Owner

Old Testament “promises”

The Charismatic preachers, (big hairs), peddle the concept of “claiming” Old Testament “promises” to their perpetually ignorant congregations.  Rarely ever hear a big hair mention the negative ones … the ones that did Israel in numerous times.  Even though most congregants of big hair preachers have no idea what covenantalism is, they unknowingly hold to it as they “claim” the riches … I mean “promises” of the OT. It’s worth noting that the OT “promises” were for Israel … as in a nation.  Trying to contort them to NT individuals… Read more Old Testament “promises”

The simple truth

We choose not to investigate other world religions, in part, because the one we’re born into says that “there’s only one way”!  And that way seems very plausible.  Why bother looking any further? When forced to investigate other world religions or Christian cults, it doesn’t take long to find holes in their systems of thought, and we quickly dismiss them as false religions. Mormonism holds tighter to the book of Mormon and the Pearl of Great Price than the bible itself.  When push comes to shove, the bible gets shoved… Read more The simple truth

Rome is burning

January 18, 2021 I’ve been concerned and lamenting and even angered by what I see in North American preachers today.  While some myopically reference what’s happening in the USA, few go beyond our borders.  Most eventually move back into their normal habits of speaking about “what God has laid on their hearts”.  Rome is burning and we’re discussing anything but the obvious. Why? Since Paul, John, Peter, James and Jesus told their hearers that the end was close, could it be that after almost 2,000 years of the boy crying… Read more Rome is burning


Some men are born with great intelligence.  Some men are born with great strength or height.  Some men are born with great musical skills. To all these men we assign unnecessary value.  They didn’t earn it.  It will cause pride in their lives that will partly block their vision of the true God. Those of us who are born with none of those special things are the blessed ones.  We have to depend on God to live.  We have closer to an unvarnished sight of Him. Pride blocks spiritual sight. … Read more Pride


Imagine the plight of Job?  A man who was already pre-disposed to wondering if he had “done enough” to please God.  Job 1:5When the days of feasting had completed their cycle, Job would send and consecrate them, rising up early in the morning and offering burnt offerings according to the number of them all; for Job said, “Perhaps my sons have sinned and cursed God in their hearts.” Thus Job did continually. Then it hits.  Imagine his first thoughts; What did I do wrong?  Is this my fault? Consider the agony of… Read more Job

Did Jesus have to die?

I once heard a man exclaim that Jesus was the only entity capable of enduring an infinite amount of wrath … in a finite amount of time.  Wow!  How brilliant a plan.  So simple.  So true.  It occurred to me that God could have performed that feat at any point in human history.  Perhaps immediately after Adam disobeyed?  Perhaps as Noah left the ark for dry land?  Why did God wait until 33 AD?  As the song in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar says, “If you’d come today you could… Read more Did Jesus have to die?

Defeating Goliath

To me, a doubting Thomas, “faith” is what you’re left with when you run out of empirical and forensic evidence.  I try to calculate the costs of most things.  So I wondered, how did David know?  Reason and logic and science said that Goliath was undefeatable?  None of the professionals in the army thought otherwise?  Perhaps even the King had his doubts?  So how did David know?  Did God give David unusual “faith”? Eleven men stayed behind in the safe, warm, dry boat.  How did Peter know? Science tells us… Read more Defeating Goliath