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End Time

How can that be?

The question is “how is one saved”? My question is, saved from what? The popular answer these days is, our sin. To that end, most north American denominations hold that we need to either ask Jesus to forgive our sins and or accept the forgiveness Jesus purchased for us on the cross. Really? What are the odds that the issue of forgiveness of sin has been distorted from what Jesus taught His disciples during the 40 days after the cross? Could it be that we’ve made the same kind of… Read more How can that be?

What do I “need”?

I live in a world system where people who have more money than they need, struggle to find ways to invest the overage, while at the same time billions of people don’t have enough. Interesting paradox? There are several theories as to why this paradox exists. Listing them from harshest and most arrogant to closest to the truth: 1. People with more than they need work harder than those who have need. This pre supposes a uniform laziness on vast billion of individuals. While it may be true for some,… Read more What do I “need”?

I live like a King!

Get this. A few days ago, I actually had not one, not two, but three full meals! I know. I know. That’s impossible! Who gets to do that! Oh, and it gets better. Not only did I get three full meals, I got to choose anything I wanted to eat for each meal! Anything at all. And you’d think once I chose what I wanted, it would be rationed right? Nope! No limit on the amount! Can you imagine? I told you. I live like a king. As if that… Read more I live like a King!

God is not dead?

I’m thinking about the movement revolving around the God is not dead movies? I don’t know why we have a need to indicate that God is evidently still alive? Seems to me that if God was alive at one time, and created all things, and then died, we’d be in a world of hurt? Seems to me, the issue is whether there’s a God at all? I guess the bad news for some is that if there is a God … they’re not! I’ve observed that church going individuals champion… Read more God is not dead?

What do you see?

How about the man who came to Jesus at night? Perhaps afraid of being seen by his colleagues. He wanted to know who this Jesus was. When asked about re-birth, he became confused and Jesus seemed to have expected more from him since he was a “teacher of Israel”. What do we see? A man hampered by public opinion. A man afraid to break free from unsubstantiated tradition. What did Jesus see? One of three men who would take him off the cross and place him into a tomb …… Read more What do you see?

Royalty in my house?

Hey Hank, stop walking so fast. Look over there. Isn’t that the carpenter we had come over and fix our broken chairs about 4 years ago? Hard to tell Gladis? He looks pretty beat up. I think that’s him Hank? Remember, he did such a good job of fixing our chair that we had him make that custom hutch. He did such a good job, inlaid wood and all. He knew so much a bout the different wood species. Youda thought he grew the trees himself. Oh, I hope that’s… Read more Royalty in my house?

The Cost of Service

What would you pay for the “right” to serve? Some church goers don’t even want to serve … let alone pay for it? Can you imagine extracting a “cost” from the few who do wish to serve? But why would anyone “pay” for the right to serve? Seems counter intuitive, doesn’t it. A few years ago, when our adult children had their second child and needed a night out, they called us to see if we could babysit the grandkids. We said sure! We’d be glad to. Our daughter said… Read more The Cost of Service

Tithes, Offerings, and Wolves

Since you pulled this site up, I hope that you’re sincerely interested in the topic? Even if you are predominantly “emotionally driven”, you must have a significant enough “thinking” side of you to actually get on the internet and “seek”. Good for you. You did the right thing. I’m mindful that after you read this, you may pass it on to some who are not as interested and actually bothered by it. Possibly even enraged by it. This is written for them too. Go ahead and give it a try.… Read more Tithes, Offerings, and Wolves