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End Time

Did Jesus have to die?

I once heard a man exclaim that Jesus was the only entity capable of enduring an infinite amount of wrath … in a finite amount of time.  Wow!  How brilliant a plan.  So simple.  So true.  It occurred to me that God could have performed that feat at any point in human history.  Perhaps immediately after Adam disobeyed?  Perhaps as Noah left the ark for dry land?  Why did God wait until 33 AD?  As the song in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar says, “If you’d come today you could… Read more Did Jesus have to die?

Defeating Goliath

To me, a doubting Thomas, “faith” is what you’re left with when you run out of empirical and forensic evidence.  I try to calculate the costs of most things.  So I wondered, how did David know?  Reason and logic and science said that Goliath was undefeatable?  None of the professionals in the army thought otherwise?  Perhaps even the King had his doubts?  So how did David know?  Did God give David unusual “faith”? Eleven men stayed behind in the safe, warm, dry boat.  How did Peter know? Science tells us… Read more Defeating Goliath

Asking God to stay

If you are in a position to understand enough about what’s about to happen, and you’ve asked God to allow you to stay to minister to those “left behind”, I’d be interested to connect with you.  Please contact me.


I think about what it must have been like for the Angels as they watched Jesus pick His twelve?  Did any of the Angels question the addition of Judas Iscariot?  Were the Angels frustrated at the slow pace of learning?  Did the angels question the lack of higher education of the eleven?  I can imagine that after the first few failures of those original twelve, that a group of Angels might have approached the Lord with a recommendation of a young up and comer named Saul?  To which God may… Read more Gating

Audience Participation

These days, audience participation seems to be key.   At school, in our factories, in our corporations, and even in our local Christian congregations.  Sporting competitions hand out participation awards regardless if serious effort was made or not?  The goal is to get the widest possible participation. When Jesus came the first time, it was rather difficult to have known the timing.  Even the small handful who understood the timing, missed the dual appearances of the Suffering Servant and later, the King.  When I think about the first coming, I recognize… Read more Audience Participation

New Identity

Just watched the second Jumanji movie.  Fascinating how the main character, a self-professed nerd, is turned into a large muscular leader, Dr. Bravestone.  It was fun to watch … and imagine. For years I’ve wished that God would have constructed me as tall as my father, six foot three.  At five foot nine, I favored my mother who’s just over five foot.  As a kid, we played all sports, but I was never good enough at any of them to make a high school varsity team.  On the intelligence scale,… Read more New Identity

The Bubble

Not unlike in the Truman show, we churched have allowed the professional clergy to create a fictitious societal bubble … and then trap us in it.  Complete with extra biblical concepts like ecclesiastical furniture, membership requirements, liturgies, worship services, responsive readings, and on and on.  While these things may not all be inherently harmful, they’re nothing more than 2,000 years of modified traditions.  Living in the bubble, we tend to think that either everyone lives like us, or that only our way is “correct”.  Any portion of either position is… Read more The Bubble

Biblical Doctrine?

Is it really “Doctrine”? Or is it “tradition”? Or is it nonsense. I’m cognizant that we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, but I am interested in throwing out the bathwater.  As I wrote out the weird practices that the modern church engages in and holds onto with a death grip, it occurs to me that none of it is properly derived from the bible.  None.  Some is not even remotely found in the bible.  That’s not to say that anything we choose to do “has” to be… Read more Biblical Doctrine?